Winter Term FTX at Camp Rilea

25 February 2019

This past weekend Southern Oregon University Army ROTC and University of Oregon Army ROTC @uoarmyrotc joined ranks for a Webfoot Warrior Battalion Field Training Exercise at Camp Rilea Armed Forces Training Center. Where Cadets put their skills to the test in day and night Land Navigation, Basic Rifle Marksmanship, an Air Assault Obstacle Course, and Battle Drill STX Lanes. 


Fall Term LDX

18 November 2018

This past weekend Cadets received Drill and Ceremony instructions Drill Sargents from the Oregon Army Reserves while later in the day they put their skills to the test in day and night Land Navigation, Battle Drill STX Lanes.

Fall Term Combat Water Survival Training

6 November 2018

The Swim Test and Army Combat Water Survival Test (CWST) test a Cadet’s stamina in the water while completing a series of events. Cadets don ACUs with boots to complete the events. Cadets must first swim 2 100m laps without touching the sides or bottom of the pool. Cadets then must tread water for another five minutes without touching the bottom or sides of the pool. Cadets must be able to swim 15 meters without touching the sides or bottom of the pool while wearing a load bearing vest (LBV) and carrying a M-16. Cadets then with a LBV and a M-16. From the side of the pool, the Cadet must step backwards into the water. The Cadet must be completely submerged underwater as the cadet drops the rifle and removes the vest. Cadets then must walk blindfolded off a 10-meter high diving board while wearing a LBV and carrying a M-16. They must hold on to the M-16 at all times, remove the blindfold, and then swim to the side of the pool.

Fall Term Rappel Lab

6 September 2018

Cadets instilled confidence within themselves and practiced their skills in Army style repelling at the Eugene Fire Department rappel tower.